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Our goal is to provide our guests with additional education and knowledge in the areas of marketing and business.  Within the site you will have access to key marketing concepts, marketing analysis, marketing metrics, KPI's, strategies, tactics, news and topics that can be relevant in many industries.  We want our guests to be active in offering feedback to our team and visitors on how we can help you learn more about marketing and various programs. We would love to hear from you on how we can improve your experience and knowledge.  If you have any feedback or ideas, please share them with us.


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Learning Video Blog​

Coming soon!  Ask questions and discuss topics.

Not only will you find content to assist you in analyzing your marketing efforts, but you will also find simple, intermediate, and complex tutorial videos for various programs including Excel, Word, Access, HTML, VB,, SQL , marketing and more.  Our goal is to offer useful strategies, tactics, analysis and videos to help you build your knowledge and understanding of how to best use these tools in a personal and business setting.  

We will help you create or write a marketing plan, develop strategies and tactics, and analyze your marketing efforts.  Contact us today by completing our contact us form.  Let us put our years of marketing experience to work for you.

Read about important insights on business plans, marketing plans, marketing concepts, marketing strategy, marketing tactics, and analytics. Check out our marketing analysis tools and spreadsheets. Learn and discuss real world applications, current platforms and best practices.  Share your thoughts and ideas about marketing. 

Analysis and Videos

Analysis and metrics used by marketing experts in various fields.  Excel videos, Word videos, Access videos and more!  Simple, intermediate and complex videos

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